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    On Credit Repair (With Video Link)

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    Monday, March 11th, 2019

    Credit Repair with Trenace Josiah, Owner of Freedom Kingdom, LLC

    By: Kate Deckenback, Realtor with Crossroad Group of Long and Foster
    Kate Deckenback (Left) speaking with Trenace Josiah (Right) about credit repair at the office of Freedom Kingdom, LLC.

    As a real estate agent, I am always working on ways to overcome the obstacles my clients face in the home-buying process.  Collaborating with a network of trusted industry professionals that I can turn to for help and who can take care of my clients’ needs is essential to what I do.  Every day, real estate agents turn to lenders, title attorneys, inspectors, licensed contractors, government officials, and more to resolve issues and move the buying process forward.  So when someone comes along who is a total pro at solving very specific problems, you keep that name top-of-mind.

    I have found that my “ace in the pocket” is Trenace Josiah, owner of Freedom Kingdom, LLC.  She is a credit specialist who expertly solves one of the first hurdles buyers will run into: bad credit.  Over the last several years, she has honed her skills at removing collections and negatives from credit reports, opening and monitoring trade lines for those with little to no credit, and providing the tools to keep buyers on track once their credit scores have increased.

    Today I was able to sit down with Trenace to discuss her work and get more insight into the power of credit repair.  Check out the video for the full interview.  Below are just a few of the bits of wisdom she had to offer:

    • “Late payments make up 35% of your credit score.” Your credit score is essentially a picture of your ability to borrow money and then pay it back.  More than 1/3 of your credit score is attributed to your ability to pay ON TIME.  This means utility bills, mortgage payments, credit card payments, student loan payments.  So mark it on your calendar.  Set alarms in your phone.  Designate certain days every month to check your due dates and make those payments.  Make those payments on time every time.  Your credit will thank you.
    • “There is no point in paying something if it doesn’t get you the result that you want.”  I was a little shocked when I heard Trenace say those words.  What do you mean don’t pay???  Didn’t we just say pay on time every time?  What she is referring to here is the difference between open accounts and collections.  If you have an open account (i.e. an active credit card), make that payment on time.  However, it is important to analyze the collections credited to you before just diving in to pay them off.  One of the most powerful tools for repairing your credit is to challenge the collections on your credit profile.  All collections attributed to your credit must be verified and validated.  If a company cannot or does not validate that collection, it can be deleted.
    • “You have to face the music and you can bounce back.” Life does happen. There is no limit to the amount of change that can occur unexpectedly.  Lay off. Illness. Injury.    Children being born.  Caring for an ailing parent or family member.  All these things can dramatically impact your finances.  And adding the stress of financial burden on top of the pressures of just dealing with these situations can make it seem like an impossible task to overcome.  However, when the dust starts to settle there is still time for you to reach your goals.  Just because your credit took a hit does not mean it can not be restored.  Taking the steps to look critically at all the components that affect your score and allowing a professional to help you discern the best course of action can put those goals in reach.  It can be the difference between staying stuck in a seemingly unending cycle, dreaming of what could be, and seeing real change and turning those dreams into reality.